» New machines are put into production line

After nearly one year's research on improving production machines, 3 new auto machines are put into manufacturing ceramic filter media, like glass ceramic rings. The aquarium market demand for ceramic filter media is much higher than other types of biological filter media, in order to fulfill the demand, Longtai invest more than 1 million yuan on upgrading the old half-auto machines to full au

» CIPS 2014 Invitation

The CIPS ( China International Pet Show) 2014 will be held on November 17th-20th. CIPS is the largest pet & aquarium products show in Asia-Pacific region. As a leading filter media manufacturer, Longtai will attend the show and exhibit hot and new filter media products for aquarium. We sincerely look forward to meeting with you on CIPS 2014 in Beijing.

» New branch office opens in Guangzhou

Longtai set up a branch office in Guangzhou, an important city of south China and a window to the world. The new branch opens on September 2014 near Fangcun aquarium products&accessories market.The purpose of opening this branch office is to keep in the forefront of the market competition in the Pearl River Delta. The diversity of the market demands for aquarium filter media products requires

» Aquarium filtration types

Filtration is fundamental to aquarium environment. There're 3 basic types of filtration: mechanical, chemical and biological, only when they're all available can a truly healthy and balanced environment be maintained for the fish.Among the 3 types of filtration, biological filtration is the most essential of all. It's an effective approach to the removal of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate